Step-by-Step Implementation Process

Step 1

Identify the key contact staff from your practice that will:

  • Implement the intervention and be the key contact for the TN Heart Health Network Practice Facilitator
  • Implement the CPT billing codes for selected Health Coaching services
  • Supervise the Health Coaching staff from your practice

Step 2

Meet with your TN Heart Health Network Practice Facilitator to fill out the Function & Form Matrix and the Memo of Agreement (MoA). These documents will walk you through the selection of options that will tailor the intervention to your needs and interests.

Step 3

Identify your Health Coaching staff and formalize their role in your practice

  • If existing staff, modify their existing role and designate Health Coaching hours
  • If new staff, post your job description, hire, and provide clinic orientation

Step 4

Register your Health Coaching staff for Health Coach Training:

  • Sign up for the Motivational Interviewing Certification Program here (please fill out a form for each participant)

Step 5

Meet with TN Heart Health Network Evaluation Team and key practice providers to:

  • Discuss and develop plan for Collection of Metrics
  • Discuss and develop plan to identify at-risk patients that would benefit from Health Coaching

Step 6

Train Health Coaching and office staff to:

  • Use new CPT billing codes for selected Health Coaching services

Step 7

Create process (policies and procedures) to identify at-risk patients for telephone outreach for

  • Provider referrals/warm hand-offs
  • Documentation Plan

Step 8

Introduce Health Coaching intervention and staff to providers:

Step 9

Begin the intervention:

  • Telephonic outreach
  • Scheduling
  • Health Coaching
  • Documentation and collection of metrics

Step 10

Provide ongoing support for Health Coaching staff:

  • Supervisor for Health Coach meets with Health Coach on regular basis to check on processes and procedures
  • Health Coaching Lead on Network Team mentors Health Coaching staff on both one-on-one and group conference calls

Download this PDF document for a quick checklist of the step-by-step process