Through our CDC 005 Funding, TN HHN aims to report, monitor, and track clinical data and social service and support needs to improve detection of health care disparities and the identification, management, and treatment within census tracts of greatest need of intervention in obesity- and smoking-associated CVD. We also aim to increase community clinical links to identify and respond to support needs. Our Learning Collaboratives are an opportunity to discuss resources including the Tennessee Population Health Data Network (TN-POPnet) and other organizations to improve identification and management of patients with hypertension and high cholesterol and to address social need screening and social need support.

Below, view  our Webinars about the importance of address social needs as well as medical needs of patients.


Ageism and Its Impact on Health
Presented by Tammy Geltmaker, MHA, and Cathy Wray
April 19, 2023