Patient Video Stories2023-07-24T19:55:40-05:00

Micaela Gumecindo-Garcia

Slowly incorporating healthy habits into her daily lifestyle such as lifting her young daughter for exercise have made a difference for Micaela Gumecindo-Garcia, under the guidance of bilingual health coach Selma Cervantes at Church Health in Memphis.

Patricia Jones

Patricia Jones was bewildered when her doctor told her she had diabetes. By working with a Health Coach at the UTHSC Health Hub in Uptown, she quickly learned how to manage her diabetes. Now, healthy eating and regular exercise are part of her everyday life.

Many-Bears Grinder

Many-Bears Grinder, former Tennessee Department of Veterans Services Commissioner and a retired colonel in the TN Army National Guard, shares how she overcame diabetes and how doctors can help. Her story is inspiring.

Kut Kut

Kut Kut, a Memphis college student at Bethel University, was diagnosed with high blood sugar while in high school. Thanks to his mom Janet’s commitment to a healthy diet by cooking the cuisine of her native South Sudan, his blood sugar soon went back to normal.

Jan Blair

Jan Blair, who lives in the Appalachian area of Tennesee in Johnson City, has survived four heart attacks. She knows firsthand how vitally important –and hard– it is to take actions such as quitting smoking and making healthy food choices.

Willie Morgan

Willie Morgan, a patient at Regional One Health Outpatient Center in Memphis, benefits from a program in which clinical pharmacists work closely with patients referred by physicians in the Internal Medicine Clinic.

Blanch Thomas

Blanch Thomas, a retired patient advocate and member of the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) for West Tennessee, discusses how PACs improve care. She previously served on the PAC for an earlier research project, Management of Diabetes in Everyday Life (MODEL).