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Slowly incorporating healthy habits into her daily lifestyle such as lifting her young daughter for exercise have made a difference for Micaela Gumecindo-Garcia, under the guidance of bilingual health coach Selma Cervantes at Church Health in Memphis.

Patricia Jones was bewildered when her doctor told her she had diabetes. By working with a Health Coach at the UTHSC Health Hub in Uptown, she quickly learned how to manage her diabetes. Now, healthy eating and regular exercise are part of her everyday life.

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At ETSU Health in East Tennessee Jody Polaha, Director of the Institute for Integrated Behavioral Health, and her team consult with both the patient and the provider. The goal is helping patients who want to change their lifestyle behavior or need mental health care.

Dr. Chris Jackson, internist and University of TN College of Medicine faculty, explains why the patient’s why is key when treating heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. He tells the story of a patient in his 30s and how his motivation led to success.

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In this welcome video, Dr. Jim Bailey, Principal Investigator of the Tennessee Heart Health Network and a practicing physician, explains what the network is all about, and what we hope to achieve. Watch for an update on this work by Dr. Bailey, to be posted soon.

Shari Rajoo, MD, MS, serves as Chair of the Tennessee Heart Health Network Executive Council. Here, she talks about her work as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Population Health Services at Ballad Health and her commitment to health equity.

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