We are sharing stories from patients, clinicians, and stakeholders across the state to help us all learn what makes for truly patient-centered and effective care. Please check back to see a new story each month.

The Patient Voice

Blanch Thomas, a retired patient advocate and member of the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) for west Tennessee, discusses how PACs improve care.

Many-Bears Grinder, former Tennessee Department of Veterans Services Commissioner and a retired colonel in the TN Army National Guard, shares  how she overcame diabetes and how doctors can help.

The Clinical Voice

Stories are powerful tools for communicating how providers can work with patients to improve their heart health. Hear more from Ben Heavrin, chief medical officer for QSource, our lead practice facilitator partner, and TN-HHN Co-Principal Investigator. 

Dr. Chris Jackson, internist and University of TN College of Medicine faculty, explains why the patient’s why is key when treating heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

Dr. Tracey Doering, former Tennessee Chapter Governor for the American College of Physicians, discusses her experience treating heart patients in her Nashville practice. She is our Physician Champion for middle Tennessee.

Welcome to TN-HHN

Dr. Jim Bailey, Director of the Tennessee Heart Health Network and a practicing physician, explains what the network is all about, and what we hope to achieve through this initiative.