Check out our three toolkits – Health Coaching, Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration, and Heart Health Messaging — to discover proven ways to improve heart health outcomes in Tennessee. All these interventions are patient-centered; patients helped develop them and patients like them. Your practice can choose one or more toolkit to implement to help your patients get the heart health care they need most.

Health Coaching

Identifying one or more existing/new staff member(s) to provide motivational interviewing-based health coaching to patients at risk of heart health-related conditions.

Health Coaching

Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration

Utilizing a practice- or community-based pharmacist to outreach to at-risk patients to provide counseling on heart health-related issues such as medication adherence and condition management.

Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration Intervention

Heart Health Messages

Employing a tested, turn-key texting system based on self-determination theory to deliver motivational messages to patients at risk of heart health conditions.

Heart Health Messages Intervention