Heart Health Messages Intervention

The Heart Health Messages Intervention is an automated program to provide ongoing guidance for and facilitate care engagement of your high-risk patients using tailored content delivered by mobile text messages. The first step to adopting this intervention is to work with your TN Heart Health Network Practice Facilitator to fill out the Function & Form Matrix and the Memo of Agreement.

Our heart health messages are delivered through texts and are based on evidence-based practice:

  • Nudge theory is a new behavioral economic concept which has been shown to influence the behavior and decision-making of patients by providing cues and timely reminders. It has been successfully used in areas of diabetes management, diet, physical activity, and medication adherence.
  • Our messages were developed by a pharmacist and behavioral specialists to incorporate the Self-Determination Theory, which supports the patient’s autonomy and provides motivation for change.

Our messages are tailored:

  • The Tennessee Population Health Data Network (TN-POPnet) is used to populate texts with the medications and conditions that are relevant to each participant.
  • Participants receive the opportunity to request different types of messages, such as educational or motivational ones.

The Tennessee Heart Health Network provides your practice with the following resources and support for the Heart Health Messages Intervention:

  • PowerPoint Presentation for Overview of the Heart Health Messages Intervention to present to your practice staff
  • Step-by-Step Guide Checklist for the entire intervention process
  • Selection of your high-risk patients using our Network Database
  • Fees covered for 6 months of heart health motivational text messages for 1000 of your high risk patients
  • Patient flyers to post in the clinic to familiarize patients with the program
  • Evaluation of the intervention
  • Assistance with identifying a suitable vendor for data integration and message delivery in a Sustainability Plan

In order to ensure that your intervention is a success, your practice agrees to:

  • Provide patient data via a secure data transfer to the Tennessee Population Health Data Network (TN-POPnet)
  • Post materials in your practice to boost patient interest and assist in enrollment
  • Identify a contact person from your practice that will work with your TN Heart Health Network Practice Facilitator and Heart Health Messages team lead to implement the intervention
  • Institute the Sustainability Plan after the study (licensing with an identified vendor to continue the messaging process to your patients)

Let’s Get Started

Access the Step-by-Step Guide, a presentation, and other resources to help you implement your Heart Health Messages intervention.