Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration Intervention

The Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration Intervention facilitates the formation and optimization of existing internal or new external Pharmacist-Physician partnerships to engage at-risk patients using the Motivational Interviewing (MI) approach and activate them towards better self-management of optimized medications and lifestyle habits for cardiovascular health. The first step to adopting this intervention is to work with your TN Heart Health Network Practice Facilitator to fill out the Function & Form Matrix and the Memo of Agreement.

The Tennessee Heart Health Network provides your practice with the following resources and support for the Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration Intervention:

  • Support, coaching, and mentorship from your TN Heart Health Network Practice Facilitator for a successful implementation of the intervention
  • A PowerPoint presentation to present an overview of the Pharmacist-Physician Collaborative Intervention to your practice staff
  • Step-by-step guide and checklist to provide structure and direction for the entire process
  • Motivational Interviewing training for up to two internal and/or external pharmacist partners
  • Networking and ongoing mentorship regarding best practices for your pharmacist partners and supporting staff
  • Assistance with incorporating the use of CPT codes into your practice for reimbursement and sustainability of key pharmacist counseling services
  • Assistance with identifying effective ways for collecting metrics for the evaluation of the intervention

In order to ensure that your intervention is a success, your practice agrees to provide:

  • A contact person who will work with the TN Heart Health Network Practice Facilitator to implement the intervention steps and provide support/supervision of the pharmacist-physician collaboration
  • Active referrals and/or warm handoffs made to your pharmacist partner
  • Implementation of the sustainability plan, which includes the utilization and documentation of CPT codes for the reimbursement of key pharmacist services
  • A minimum of 2 hours a week release time for administrative/billing support staff
  • Collection of metrics for intervention evaluation purposes throughout duration of study
  • Contribution of shareable tips and lessons learned regarding best practices for sustainable pharmacist-physician collaboration
  • Additionally, for the Internal Pharmacist Partner model only:
    • A minimum of 12 hours release time for initial Motivational Interview training for pharmacist, and additional time as needed for mentorship and feedback on a monthly basis (no more than 2 hours/month)
    • A minimum of 8 hours a week release time for pharmacist partner

Let’s Get Started

Access the Step-by-Step Guide, a presentation, and other resources to help you implement your Pharmacist-Physician collaborative intervention.