Approved Service Codes for Reimbursement Of Health Coaches in Team-based Care

The Tennessee Heart Health Network recognizes the importance of reimbursement to support the delivery of key population health services by health coaches on primary care teams. Toward that end, the three Tennessee Medicaid (TennCare) managed-care organizations (MCOs) have agreed upon common guidelines you can use for reimbursement of patient services provided by health coaches in team-based care.

These guidelines give practices a more dependable pathway for reimbursement of services provided by health coaches. In addition, the MCOs are primed to accept and pay submitted claims using these specific codes, thanks to the participation of their medical officers in the TN-HHN Population Health Subcommittee. The codes can also be used for Medicare and some commercial plans as well.

See below for resources to learn more, and to start getting reimbursement for the cost of patient services delivered by non-clinical staff.

Our FAQs cover every aspect of these guidelines.
We have compiled a list of the specific codes  approved by the MCOs with information on how they can be used in team-based care.
We have created common voluntary health-coach training and certification standards to ensure quality and standardization for patient care. They provide clear guidance on how the TN-HHN will ensure consistency and high-quality training content.