Health Coaching Training

If you are a Practice Participant in the TN Heart Health Network program, two of your staff will receive free training in Motivational Interviewing (MI). This program is also available at a discounted rate to all our TN Heart Health Network partners. As part of the Health Coaching intervention, your staff will receive additional mentoring and networking opportunities beyond the initial MI training program.

Motivational Interviewing Certification Program
Credit hours: 12 hours
Description: This asynchronistic, interactive program has six modules and serves as a comprehensive introduction to the Motivational Interviewing approach.
Learning design: Didactic lecture, practice activities, videoclips, partner activities with review questions, and competency assessment of coaching skill-set using standardized patients.
Passing Requirements: Completion of modules, satisfactory completion of assignments, competency assessment including standardized patient experience.

To register, fill out this form (one form for each person) and if you have any questions regarding the training, please contact Susan Butterworth at