Jody Polaha


At ETSU Health in East Tennessee Jody Polaha, Director of the Institute for Integrated Behavioral Health, and her team consult with both the patient and the provider. The [...]

Jody Polaha2023-09-22T14:12:20-05:00

Chris Jackson


Dr. Chris Jackson, internist and University of TN College of Medicine faculty, explains why the patient’s why is key when treating heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. [...]

Chris Jackson2023-07-28T10:25:13-05:00

Ben Andrews


Ben Andrews, MD, is Chief Medical Officer at Christ Community Health Services (CCHS), a federally qualified health center that operates 10 clinics in Memphis and one in Jackson, [...]

Ben Andrews2023-07-28T10:30:14-05:00

Sharon Moore


Sharon Moore is Manager of Nutrition and Wellness Education at Church Health, a medical clinic for the working uninsured in Memphis. Church Health has been one of Tennessee’s [...]

Sharon Moore2023-07-28T10:39:08-05:00

Steve Hopland


Steve Hopland, CEO of Medical Care in Johnson City, engages patients through a large care coordination staff and also uses health coaching to help get patients healthy so they [...]

Steve Hopland2023-07-28T10:41:13-05:00

Andres Neira


Lifedoc Health and Wellness Director Andres Neira discusses its bilingual health coaching program. He explains how and why it helps the clinic’s underserved patients, about half of whom [...]

Andres Neira2023-07-28T10:42:47-05:00

Jim Holt


Jim Holt, MD, is Professor & Associate Director of the Family Medicine Residency Program at East Tennessee State University and  President of the Tennessee Academy of Family Physician [...]

Jim Holt2023-07-28T10:44:15-05:00

Julia McKay


Julia McKay is Project Manager for Ambulatory Care at Erlanger Health System for Erlanger Primary Care. She oversees quality improvement for Erlanger’s 26 primary care clinics, all of [...]

Julia McKay2023-07-28T10:45:24-05:00

Tracey Doering


Dr. Tracey Doering, former Tennessee Chapter Governor for the American College of Physicians, discusses her experience treating heart patients in her Nashville practice. She is our Physician Champion [...]

Tracey Doering2023-07-28T10:47:12-05:00