Micaela Gumecindo-Garcia


Slowly incorporating healthy habits into her daily lifestyle such as lifting her young daughter for exercise have made a difference for Micaela Gumecindo-Garcia, under the guidance of bilingual [...]

Micaela Gumecindo-Garcia2023-08-21T12:42:35-05:00

Patricia Jones


Patricia Jones was bewildered when her doctor told her she had diabetes. By working with a Health Coach at the UTHSC Health Hub in Uptown, she quickly learned how [...]

Patricia Jones2023-07-28T10:26:47-05:00

Many-Bears Grinder


Many-Bears Grinder, former Tennessee Department of Veterans Services Commissioner and a retired colonel in the TN Army National Guard, shares how she overcame diabetes and how doctors can help. [...]

Many-Bears Grinder2023-07-28T10:31:11-05:00

Kut Kut


Kut Kut, a Memphis college student at Bethel University, was diagnosed with high blood sugar while in high school. Thanks to his mom Janet’s commitment to a healthy [...]

Kut Kut2023-07-28T10:35:25-05:00

Jan Blair


Jan Blair, who lives in the Appalachian area of Tennesee in Johnson City, has survived four heart attacks. She knows firsthand how vitally important –and hard– it is [...]

Jan Blair2023-07-28T10:37:38-05:00

Willie Morgan


Willie Morgan, a patient at Regional One Health Outpatient Center in Memphis, benefits from a program in which clinical pharmacists work closely with patients referred by physicians in [...]

Willie Morgan2023-07-28T10:48:44-05:00

Blanch Thomas


Blanch Thomas, a retired patient advocate and member of the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) for West Tennessee, discusses how PACs improve care. She previously served on the PAC [...]

Blanch Thomas2023-07-28T10:49:51-05:00