Andres Neira


Lifedoc Health and Wellness Director Andres Neira discusses its bilingual health coaching program. He explains how and why it helps the clinic’s underserved patients, about half of whom [...]

Andres Neira2023-07-28T10:42:47-05:00

Jim Holt


Jim Holt, MD, is Professor & Associate Director of the Family Medicine Residency Program at East Tennessee State University and  President of the Tennessee Academy of Family Physician [...]

Jim Holt2023-07-28T10:44:15-05:00

Julia McKay


Julia McKay is Project Manager for Ambulatory Care at Erlanger Health System for Erlanger Primary Care. She oversees quality improvement for Erlanger’s 26 primary care clinics, all of [...]

Julia McKay2023-07-28T10:45:24-05:00

Tracey Doering


Dr. Tracey Doering, former Tennessee Chapter Governor for the American College of Physicians, discusses her experience treating heart patients in her Nashville practice. She is our Physician Champion [...]

Tracey Doering2023-07-28T10:47:12-05:00

Willie Morgan


Willie Morgan, a patient at Regional One Health Outpatient Center in Memphis, benefits from a program in which clinical pharmacists work closely with patients referred by physicians in [...]

Willie Morgan2023-07-28T10:48:44-05:00

Blanch Thomas


Blanch Thomas, a retired patient advocate and member of the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) for West Tennessee, discusses how PACs improve care. She previously served on the PAC [...]

Blanch Thomas2023-07-28T10:49:51-05:00

Jim Bailey


In this welcome video, Dr. Jim Bailey, Principal Investigator of the Tennessee Heart Health Network and a practicing physician, explains what the network is all about, and what [...]

Jim Bailey2023-07-28T10:28:59-05:00

Shari Rajoo


Shari Rajoo, MD, MS, serves as Chair of the Tennessee Heart Health Network Executive Council. Here, she talks about her work as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer [...]

Shari Rajoo2023-07-28T10:51:07-05:00